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Studies / Studies / Studies

*       Doctor in Performing Arts (excellent cum laude) with a thesis on the subject: “ The labyrinth of the self: Foundations for the interpretation of the first theater of Josep Palau i Fabre. 1935-1958 ”. Autonomous University of Barcelona. February 3, 2012. Thesis director, Dr. Jaume Mascaró. Tutor, Dr. Francesc Foguet.

*       DEA (Diploma in Advanced Studies) in Catalan Philology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. 2009.

*      Higher Degree in Dramatic Art (1975-76 academic year). Theater Institute. Equivalent to Bachelor's degree. Order of 5 April 1999, in accordance with Royal Decree 770/1997 of 30 May, as established in Article 45.1 of Organic Law 1/1990 of 3 October.

*      "Management of Artistic and Cultural Institutions" course at New York University-Graduate School of Public Administration and ESADE. 1988.

*      Austerity and innovation program BCN City Council and ESADE. November 1993-May 1994. Sponsor-director of one of the programs.



*  Professor of Literature and Dramatic Theory at the Institut del Teatre from 1974 to the 2007-2008 academic year

*   Visiting Professor at the University of Berkeley (USA) during the second semester of 1992

*   Professor at the University of Barcelona (exchange agreement). Dramatic literature. Course 2007-2008

*   Professor Emeritus of the Institut del Teatre, 2008  

*  Professor of dramatic literature at ESART. Barcelona Campus. From the 2013-2014 academic year

*  Guest Writer at Frederick and Richmond Universities in the USA during the month of April 2016


Responsibilities / Responsabilidades / Responsabilities

*      Member of the Board of Directors of the Ateneu Barcelonès. Head of the Library. From the 2014 elections until 2021.

*      Commissioned for the Centenary of the Institut del Teatre 2011-2013 by the Diputació de Barcelona.

*      Member of the Board of Directors of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC), appointed by the CoNCA (2010).

*      Member of the National Council of Culture and Arts of Catalonia (CoNCA), appointed by the Parliament of Catalonia, from March 2009 to November 2011

*      Professor (emeritus) emeritus of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

*      Head of Area at the Institut del Teatre, 2005-2008 academic year.

*      Director of Cultural Action Services of the Area of Culture of

Barcelona City Council. Appointed in May 1993 and until July 1995.

*      General director of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona 1988-1992

*      Elaborates the project of the "Barcelona Autumn Festivals". COOB'92. 1988.

*      Curator of the exhibition "El Teatre Grec de Montjuïc" and director of the catalog. Sponsorship of Barcelona City Council. 1987

*      Head of the Documentation and Research Center of the Institut del Teatre 1985-1988

*      Curator of the International Theater Congress in Catalonia, 1985

*      Director of the Puppet Festivals in 1974, 1975 and 1977

*       Coordinator of the cultural activities of the Institute of

Theater 1974-1983

*       Official. Higher Education Technician of the Barcelona Provincial Council,  since 1970. Professor of Theory and Dramatic Literature at the Institut del Teatre


Other activities / Other activities / Other activities

*      Theater director

*      Organization of events around Maeterlinck and Symbolism, including lectures, theatrical premieres, publications and musical auditions (1984).

*      Advisor to the Miró Foundation in Barcelona during the years 1981-82.

*      Member of the Governing Board of the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB) 1995-1999

*       Patron of the Joan Brossa Foundations (1999-2009) and Palau i Fabre (2008).


Awards and recognitions / Prizes and awards

*       1971 Serra d'Or Prize for young writers

*      Documenta Awards  1987 of the novel

*      1991 ADB Theater Award

*      Josep Pla Award 1992 for novel ( The Japanese )

*      Help with the literary creation of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (1992) for the book  Hopper Landscapes .

*      Help from the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya (1992) for the book  Hopper Landscapes .

*       1994 National Critics Award ( Louise, a story about happiness )

*      City of Palma Award 1996 “Llorenç Villalonga” ( Wonderful Days )

*      Ramon Muntaner Prize for Juvenile Literature, 1997 ( The Fable of the Greek Birds )

*      Help from the Drama Center of the Generalitat de Catalunya (1997) for the play Platja negra.

*       Help with the literary creation of the Fundació Enciclopèdia Catalana (1998) for the text  At night, under the stars .

*      Help with the literary creation of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (1999) for the book  Lena

*      Prize of the Institution of the Catalan Letters, 1999 ( the Emperor )

*      Sant Jordi Award 2000 ( Under the Dust )

*      City of Barcelona Award 2001 ( Under the Dust )

*      Joanot Martorell Award 2004 ( Angel's Face )

*      Carlemany Award 2007 ( The Dance Girl )

*      Amat-Piniella Award 2009 ( The dance girl )

*      Sant Joan Prize for Novel 2009 ( The Night of the Butterflies )

*      National Critics Award 2013 ( In the afternoon )

*       2015 Serra d'Or Novel Award ( The Devil and the Righteous Man )


Publications: creation / Publications: creation / Publication: creation

1971   The Lluïsos  (novel) Edicions 62. Barcelona 1971. Col. The Balancí n. 71. 2nd edition: Ediciones Destino. Barcelona, 1995. The Anchor No. 74.  Circle of Readers Edition, 1995.

1973   High comedy  (novel) Editorial Pòrtic. Barcelona 1973. Col. Paperback n. 68.

1975   Exotic  (narrations) Editorial Pòrtic. Barcelona 1975. Col. Crystals n. 4.

1978   Jungle and living room  (novel) Edicions Robrenyo. Mataró 1978. New Narrative Series n.3. (2nd edition) Edicions del Mall. Barcelona 1985.    

1980   The detective, the soldier and the black woman, (novel) Editorial Laia. Barcelona 1980.  Col. Les Eines n. 58. (2nd Edition) Editorial Laia. Barcelona 1987. Col. The Mirror and Time.

1983   Weak things  (prose) Mall Editions. Barcelona 1983.

1983   We had dinner at Royal  (narrative). Eczema. Sabadell 1983. Illustrations by Francesca Llopis.

1983   And incidents on the horizon  (narrative) The editions of the days. Sabadell 1983. Col. Plecs n. 7 Illustrations by Joan Rabascall.

1988   Moon sickness  (novel) Edicions 62. Barcelona 1988. Col. El Balancí 206. "Premi Documenta 1987".

1992   The Japanese  (novel) Editorial Destino. Barcelona 1992. Col. Anchor. "Premi Josep Pla 1992" (6 editions since 1992). Circle of Readers Edition, 1994.  Edició castellana, 1995. Edicions de butxaca català i castellà, 1998.

1992   The heart of things  (Leaflet). Central Coffee. March 1992.

1992   Versions of Matsuo Basho . Free versions of 97 haiku by Basho, with prologue. Editorial Empúries, May 1992.

1993   Louise. A story about happiness  (novel) Editorial Destino. Barcelona 1993.  Col. Anchor. "National Critics Award 1994" (2 editions)

1995   Hopper Landscapes  (narrative) Edicions 62. Barcelona 1995. Col. El Balancí, nº 269.

1995   The heart of things . (narrative) Gathering of all short stories and novels. Collects the following publications: E xotic, Jungle and Saloon, The Detective, the Soldier and the Black, The Weak Things, Dinner at the Royal, Incidents on the Horizon, The Heart of Things  and other unpublished works. Empúries Narrative nº  51, Barcelona, 1995.

1996   Wonderful days . (novel) Edicions 62. Barcelona, 1996 Col. El Balancí nº 287. “Premi Ciutat de Palma, Llorenç Villalonga”. (3 editions). Edition Circle of Readers, 1996. Spanish edition, 2000.

1996   The night sky  (poetry) Catalan and French edition. Ed. Nahuja. Paris 1996

1997   The Emperor . (novel) Edicions Destino, Barcelona, 1997. Col. Anchor 96. (3 editions through March 1997). "Premi Institució de les Lletres Catalanes", 1999.

1998   The fable of the Greek birds . (Novel). Ed. Empúries. Barcelona, 1997. "Ramon Muntaner Prize", 1997

1998   The book of water . (Poems by Bashô, in bibliophile edition and graphic work by Ernest Altés). Ed. Boza.1998.

1999   Yellow earth  (poetry) Ed. Proa. Barcelona, 1999.

1999   At night, under the stars . (Novel) Ed, Proa. In full wind. Barcelona, 1999.

1999   Black beach  (theater). Ed. Proa. Barcelona, 1999. Released on September 21, 1999 at the Espai Joan Brossa. English edition 2008.

2000   Under the dust  (novel). Ed. Proa. Barcelona, 2001. Spanish edition 2006 and English edition 2007

2001   Antigone  (theater). Ed. Proa. Barcelona 2022. Premiered at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona in May 2003. Directed by Ramon Simó

2002   Lena  (novel). Ed. 62. Barcelona, 2002

2004   Angel face  (novel). Ed. 62. Barcelona, 2004

2004  The secret of chivalry . Ed 62. Barcelona, 1978-2004

2005   English interior  (theater). Ed. Arola. 2006. Premiere of Muntaner Room. 2007.

2006   White sands  (novel). Ed. 62. Barcelona, 2002. Spanish edition, 2008

2007   The dance girl  (novel). Ed. Proa. Barcelona, 2007.

2009   The night of the butterflies  (novel) Ed. 62. Barcelona 2009

2011   The silence of the world  (novel). Gather  The dance girl  i  Under the dust . There is a prologue by the author. Ed. 62. The pocket.

2012  As evening fell  (novel). Ed. 62. Barcelona 2012

2014   The Devil and the Righteous Man (novel) Gutenberg Galaxy. Barcelona, 2014.

2016     Califòrnia (novel·la) Galàxia Gutenberg (català i castellà), 2016

2018     The eyes of lying men (novel) Comanegra (Catalan), 2018


Publications: essay / Publications: essays / Publication: essays

1971   Joan Brossa or the pedestal are the shoes  (book-interview) Editorial Pòrtic. Barcelona 1971. Col. Paperback n. 52. Reissued December 1992 in Ed. La Magrana, with the title Joan Brossa. Forget and walk.

1973   Pedrolo, dangerous?  (book-interview) Doping. Barcelona 1973. Col. Pink Pineapple. Reprinted in 1991 by Edicions de La Magrana.

1978   The Agrupació Dramàtica de Barcelona. Attempt at the Catalan National Theater 1955-1963.  Institut del Teatre - Edicions 62. Barcelona, 1978. Col. Theater monographs n. 9.

1982   (With Enric Gallén and Anna Vàzquez)  The Republican Generalitat and the Theater. 1931 - 1939. Legislation  (Institut del Teatre - Edicions 62. Barcelona  1982. Theater Monographs n. 11.

1983   Neither angels nor demons  (collection of 12 interviews) Montserrat Abbey Publications. Barcelona 1983.

1983/86  Book of the Year, 1983-84-85-86  (responsible for international theater) Editorial Salvat. Barcelona 1984-85-86.

1985   Theater Issues.  Institut del Teatre - Edicions 62. Barcelona 1985. Theater Monographs n. 18.1987       

1987 Greek 1929-1986. Montjuïc Greek Theater  (illustrated catalog. Direction and various works) Barcelona City Council. Culture Area. Barcelona 1987. Col. Exhibition Catalogs n. 66.1992  

  1992 (With Carles Batlle and Isidre Bravo.)  Adrià Gual. Half life of Modernism  Illustrated book. Institute of Editions. Barcelona Provincial Council. December 1992.

2002   Believers and non-believers . With Antoni Deig and Jordi Coca, with Francesc Romeu and. Ed. Deria. Barcelona, 2002       

2013   The theater of Josep Palau i Fabre. Alchemy and Revolt (1935 - 1958) . Gutenberg Galaxy. Circle of Readers. Barcelona, 2013

2018  Three texts by Manuel de Pedrolo:  Our Everyday Death, Camera Technique, The Use of Matter. Catalan theatrical repertoire. Theater Institute. Barcelona, 2018. Digital edition.

2018   Three texts by Josep Palau i Fabre:  Le dialogue ou la mort du théâtre, TLa caverna, La confession or the bait of sin. Catalan theatrical repertoire. Theater Institute. Barcelona, 2018. Digital edition.

2018  Hermann Bonnín. The method of knowing how to listen. Conversations, 2. Theater Institute. Barcelona, 2018.

2018  You have to know how to read to be able to write. The Transcendence of Dramaturgy: Aeschylus and Shakespeare as Examples. Documenta Teatral, 8. Punctum & Master's Degree in Theater Studies. Barcelona, 2018. Paper and digital edition.

2022 Shakespeare's theater in its context . Edicions 1984- Institut del Teatre de la Diputació de Barcelona. Col. Profiles No. 10. Barcelona, January 2022.


Versions / Versions / Versions

1982   What a packed young man ...  by Eugène Labiche. Editions 62. The Scorpio Books. Theater. Barcelona 1982. Col. El Galliner n. 71.

1984   Four variations on death (The Intruder, The Blind, Interior, The Death of Tintagiles) by Maurice Maeterlinck. Institut del Teatre - Edicions del Mall. Col. Biblioteca Teatral n. 27.

2006   Messrs. Borkman , free version of Ibsen's work.

2007   Nausica  by Joan Maragall. Released in Greek 2007. Directed by Hermann Bonnín.


Editing and introductory studies / Ediciones y estudios introductorios /  Care introductory studies and editions

1986   Theater by William Shakespeare, translated by Josep M. de Segarra (introduction) Complete play by Josep M. de Sagarra. Editorial Selecta. Barcelona 1986, 1987 and 1988

1986-88  Proceedings of the International Theater Congress in Catalonia, 1985. (direction of edition and presentation) Institut del Teatre. Barcelona 1986, 1987 and 1988. pages: Volume I, 395 (in press), Volume II,  336. Volume III, 298. Volume IV, 348.

2003   Teatre de Don Joan, by Josep Palau i Fabre. Edited and Introduced by Jordi Coca. Ed. Proa. Catalan classics. Barcelona, 2003.

2010   A look at modern and contemporary theater  (2 volumes), by Ricard Salvat. Introductory study by Jordi Coca. Institut del Teatre de la Diputació de Barcelona, 2010.  

2018  Pedra de toc , by Maria Aurèlia Capmany . Selection and prologue by Jordi Coca. Laie editions.


Articles, TV scripts and conferences / Articles, TV scripts and / Articles, TV scripts and conferences

1971-2016     * More than 1000 various articles on theatrical and literary topics, published, among others, in the following newspapers and magazines: "Serra d'Or", "El Món", "Noticiero Universal", "Diari de Barcelona", " Today "," Taula de Canvi "," El País "," Estudis Escènics "," El Público "," Observador ", etc.

1972-2016     * 150 lectures on various theatrical and literary topics.

1974-76       * 14 scripts for informative programs on cultural topics in the spaces: "Tot Art" and "Els Museus" on TVE. 10 15-minute, 2 half-hour, 2 one-hour scripts.

2006         *  Script of the tribute to Palau i Fabre at the Palau de la Música. Palace to the Palace.

2007         *  Screenplay by “Miquel Bauçà, invisible poet”. Directed by: Agustí Villaronga


Theater direction / Teatro teatrales / Theater direction

2005   Here in the forest , by Joan Brossa, Espai Brossa.

2006   Welcome to Peter Handke's Board of Directors . Rubbish space.

2007   Storm in the hands , by Jordi Coca. Rubbish space. With Hausson.

2007   Messrs. Borkman , free version of Ibsen's work. Rubbish space.

2008   Krapp , by Samuel Beckett. Beckett Hall

2009   Ifigènia , by Jordi Coca. Greek 2009. Marduix Company.

2015  Ritual words for Electra , by Palau i Fabre. National Theater of Catalonia (TNC)

2015   The theater and the plague , by Antonin Artaud. Academy Theater. July - Greek Festival.

2017   We were talking about a dream. Free version and direction by Jordi Coca, based on the conversations transcribed by Xavier Febrés. TNC. November 16, 2017

2021     Shakespeare and Beckett: Damn Twins. Dramaturgy and direction by Jordi Coca. With Esther Bové and Viqui Sanz. Premiere: La Gleva Theater, September 22, 2021.


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